Dragons by Grade 5 / 6 Students

art work 024art work 023

The grade 5 /6 students have been involved in their Production Kids in Camelot.  To coincide with the Medieval Theme, the students have been studying dragons in Visual Arts. They have sketched and painted with water colours, dragons that represent mythical creatures. They have snake like bodies, bat like wings, a spiked spine, claws, horns, barbed tails, fangs, forked tongues and fire breathing mouths.

art work 021art work 025

art work 023art work 024


  1. Paula

    Very impressive and colourful. Well done kids!!

  2. ava banks

    Hi Mrs Zamit,
    Is Art Club on next week??

  3. Mrs Jo Zammit

    Hi Ava!
    Art Club will be this Thursday at 1.15pm, hope to see you there!

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