Marvellous Mosaics

During Term 2, Helen Harman, a local, creative, mosaic artist  came to our school to assist the grade 1 & 2 children with the making of a colourful mosaic wall outside the Art Room.  The children had so much fun breaking tiles and glueing the broken pieces onto the brick wall to create happy, smiling and proud faces.  A grade 1 student said, ‘That was the best day of my life!’

Prep Winter Tree Paintings

Learning how to paint a tree using a large brush for the Preps was lots of fun! Adding snow provided a great stimulus for a Winter discussion.

Aussie Colouring Competition

aussie colouring competitionWe are proud to present our winning students in the Aussie Berwick Colouring Competition.  First Prize of $50 went to Brittany in grade 5 (far right).  Second Prize winner, Zoe from grade 6, received a Show Bag full of goodies. Third Prize winner, James in grade 5 (absent), also won a Show Bag of goodies.  Congratulations to these talented students and all students who entered the competition.  Well done girls and boys!