2012 Art Captains

2o12 Art Captains…


For 2012 we are honoured to have Edward and Ashlea as our new leaders for the role as Visual Arts Captains.

Edward has been hoping to be selected for the role for some time now. Congratulations Edward, you have fulfilled your long term dream! Edward has not only demonstrated the ability to produce wonderful art work for many years but has shown his enthusiasm and passion for art through assisting with various jobs and tasks that have needed doing in the Art studio. For example, Edward is currently organising and developing a lunchtime Art Club for junior children, to not only assist with art and craft skills but to aid social skill development as well.

Ashlea has also been a keen and motivated student in Visual Arts for many years. Her artistic talents and dedication to Visual Arts have been particularly demontrated during the mosaic work whereby she has spent many recess and lunchtimes working on the projects. Ashlea always presents work of a high standard and is eager to assist the younger students with developing and refining their own skills. Congratulations Ashlea and welcome to your role as Visual Arts Captain.

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