Salt sculptures

The Year Six students were fascinated by the concept of colour mixing using chalk for the salt sculptures. Individual characters were imaginatively developed with the addition of specific features. Some children were so enthusiastic about the activity that they wanted to continue to create more sculptures at home to build an entire family of salt sculptures!

Under the sea

Under the Sea

During Term One 2012, the students have focused on depicting sea creatures using printing and collage techniques in Visual Arts. Year Five students created a rock pool using crayon and watercolour paint. Year Four students made jellyfish using tissue paper and printed hand and finger shapes to similate sea creatures. Year Two students collaged fluorescent fish.



Our students from Prep to Year Six are very proud of the imaginative mosaic designs they have created on the walls around our school. Working together on the designing and construction of the mosaics has provided the students with a multitude of skills and experiences to enhance their learning. Working alongside their peers and buddies has provided the students with a positive Art experience.