2013 Art Captains


Victoria-Visual Art Captain 2013

Hi, my name is Victoria, I am one of your Visual Arts Captains for 2013 and I love Art! My favourite art activities are painting, drawing, sewing and using clay. Ever since Prep, I have looked up to all captains and have wanted to be one. I hope to be a great role model to all the students here at Berwick Lodge Primary School.

My other favourite things to do are:playing basketball, swimming. cooking and reading. I am looking forward to being a captain this year, it will make my final year at Berwick Lodge very special.

Remember to always have fun and try your hardest, and I hope you learn to love art as much as I do!




Tanisha-Visual Art captain 2013

Hi, my name is Tanisha and I will be one of your Visual Arts Captains for 2013.

Some of my interests include: sewing, netball, sketching, reading, dancing and painting with bright colours.

I wanted to become an Art captain because I love being creative and designing things and secondly, I like helping people.

I am looking forward to helping you out with all your wonderful questions and ideas in this very special art class.

Together, I think that 2013 will be a jam-packed year of art!


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