Archie Bark Competition!

This Archie Bark Competition was open to every year level at Berwick Lodge. We had to draw our favourite dog, or our dream dog, using pencils, crayons or textas.  Selected entries were judged by the Dog Lover’s team in Melbourne.  At Berwick Lodge we can our own competition and prizes were given to 1st, 2nd and 3rd place students.  It was very difficult to select the winning entries!

If you would like more information on the Dog Lovers Show go to:

Dog Lovers Show

Textile Fabric Artwork!

Textile Art is loads of fun!  The Grade 5 students initially used fabric crayons to draw their design onto paper.  A hot iron was then used to transfer the design of choice onto poly-satin or poly-cotton material.  A frame, using various collage materials, threads and textiles was then created to enhance the artwork.  Voila!

These were made by Grade Fives, here are some awesome ones:

Easter Chickens!

These cute chickens were made by the preps for Easter. They used sequins, coloured feathers and paint:

Bright buildings!

These bright and colourful buildings were made by grade twos:

Underwater Hippos!

This artwork was made by grade threes.  The children practised colour blending using watercolour blocks to create a beautiful sunset and inviting river environment for a happy hippo.

Once upon a time, there lived a hippo in an African jungle …

Paper bag faces

These Paper bags were made by grade fours. Here are some nice ones:

Letter Artwork!

This artwork was created by grade-ones. The grade-ones used the first letter of their name to do some great designs inside. Here are some great ones:

Abstract Art!

This art was made by year Two’s: