Textured animals!

The grade two’s made these paintings with match sticks to create texture. For example, they used the match sticks to print a mane for the lions and they also used match sticks to print the Echidna’s spikes.

God eyes!

These god eyes were made by Grade fours. They used two sticks and wrapped wool in between the sticks.

Pom-pom spiders!

These cute little spiders were made by grade fours. They made pom-pom’s then hot glued googley eyes and then poked piping cleaners in the middle for the spiders legs.

Colour portraits!

The grade ones made these portraits when they were learning about shades of colour. They chose one colour and added white to it to make different types of shades. Here are some nice ones up in display…

John Miro paintings!

This artwork was created by the grade threes based upon the art work of the famous Spanish artist, Joan Miro.  The children used bright, fluorescent, acrylic paints to create an abstract painting using various lines and shapes in a whimsical fashion.

Rubbing pictures!

The grade two kids had a great time making these rubbing pictures. They put the textured plates under the piece of paper and drew with their crayons on the piece of paper to make a pattern. The grade twos did this because they are learning about texture.

Paper bag Autumn trees!

These are the Grade ones paper bag Autumn trees. They twisted paper bags to make a shape of a tree. The grade ones used either coloured paper, cellaphone or tissue paper for the Autumn leaves.