Dry Pastel Eastern Barred Bandicoot!

The Grade fours created this artwork. They used Dry pastels for the Bandicoot and background, material to sew together to make the Bandicoot and straw for the ground.  Here are some great examples:



Patterned Butterflies!

The Grade twos are learning about mini beasts so they made these creative butterflies. They then stuck the butterfly on a piece of paper and decorated it with fake leaves or real leaves, found around the school. Here is what they look like:

Mexican Folk art!

The Year sixes worked on this artwork using pattern ideas from traditional, Mexican designs. The children used bright, fluorescent colours for the incised foam prints based upon Folk Art pieces that were originally carved, wooden toys  created by Don Manuel Jimimez. Here is what the multi-coloured prints look like:

Complementary Colours!

The year two’s are learning about complementary colours.
Complementary colours are colours that are opposite each other on the colour wheel.
For example, black and white, yellow and purple, orange and blue.