2014 Art Captains

stephHello, my name is Steph and I am 11 years old. I am so, so excited about being a 2014 Art Captain, here are a few things that you need to know about me… At home, I have two dogs. My eldest dog (2 years old) is a Labrador, his name is Mitchelle. I also have a little puppy Bonnie ( I don’t know her breed! ). My favourite colour is green. I love to draw all the time.

Art is one of my most favourite things to do! I can’t wait to spend the year planning and helping out in the art room, and I hope that I can help make the Art Room a better place for everyone!


leylaHi, my name is Leyla and I am one of your art captains for 2014. I waned to be an Art Captain because I love helping in the Art Room. In my spare time, I like to sketch and paint. Here are some other things about me. I   have a dog named Holly plus, I enjoy going to Scouts, especially the Scout Camps!

Step and I are both glad to be Art Captains for 2014. If you have any creative ides, please tell us!

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