Tony Sowersby Drawing and Cartoon Workshop

During the final week of term two, the children from Year 1-6, were delighted to be involved in fun and entertaining workshops presented by local, famous artist, Tony Sowersby. The children particularly enjoyed drawing popular cartoon characters and creating artworks based on letters of the alphabet, and by adding detail to basic sketches of everyday objects.

Tony showing the children some drawing ideas

Creating characters from a pear shape.


Emily loved using her imagination!

Diesel was proud of his drawings, especially his vampire!

Learning About Colour

The junior school children were fascinated to learn about colours at the beginning of the year!

We welcomed the Preps to colour in art by making a rainbow collage.


Year 1&2 used warm and cool colours for their Kandinsky Circles inspired art.


The Preps explored Primary and Secondary Colours to paint little birds.


Year 1 & Year 2 children used warm and cool colours to paint Happy Summer Crabs.

The Preps learnt about Fire Safety and how to create a painted and collage artwork.