2011 Visual Art Captains

2011 Art captains…

For 2011 we are very pleased and proud to have two Grade Six Art Captains, representing the Visual Art Program. Sophie and Troy have been chosen to provide leadership in the area of Art. They were selected not only for their ability in Art, but also for their dedication, enthusiasm and commitment to Art within Berwick Lodge Primary School.

The captains are expected to be a role model to younger students, to promote Art through B.L.P.S and to work towards enhancing the profile of Art at our school.  They will regularly assist with the organisation of the Art Room and speak at Assemblies as required. For example, they will present art awards and report on art news.

In addition, the Art Captains will act as guides on B.L.P.S open nights and assist with the School Magazine Art Page for publishing. They will also be involved in the creation of the Art Blog as well as have an active role in the promotion of Art Competitions available to the students at our school.





  1. Shenae K 3M

    I love art it is fun

  2. shenae 3M

    I love art. It is so much fun to make things and draw things and colour in things too.

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