Tanglewood Trees!2013

After the grade sixes read the book ‘Tanglewood’ they made wire Tanglewood trees. They twisted this really thick wire together for the trunk and branches. Then they curled rainbow wire around the branches and hung special beads from the wire.

Windy Kite Scene!

The grade ones are learning about weather this term so the art teachers decided to do a windy kite scene.

Self Portraits!

These portraits were made by the grade fours. They did two types of portraits. The first type of portrait is were you get a photo of half of your face and draw the other half of your face.
The other type of portrait is were you draw a self portrait of yourself and have sections of your face in different colours.

Windy Umbrella Scene!

The grade ones made these windy umbrella sciences because the are learning about weather. Here is what they look like:

Colourful Cows!

The Preps inquiry learning subject are farm animals so they made pictures of colourful cows. Here are some nice ones:

Prep sheep!

The preps made these fluffy sheeps because they are learning about farm animals. They made them by using fluff for the sheeps wool and black paper and white paper for the sheeps legs and head. They also coloured the paper with green pastels for the background.

Egg Carton Frogs!

The Preps read the picture story book ‘The Pros and Cons of Being a Frog’. They then made made little frogs out of egg cartons and colourful paper from the book. Here is what they look like:

Plasticine Trees!

Grade twos made these trees by rolling out plasticine and sticking it on to paper. They also decorated them with buttons and stones. Here are some plasticine trees we put up on display:

Patterned Beetles!

The grade ones made these beetles by cutting out different patterned paper for the body and silver texta for the antennas and legs. This is what they look like:

City Storm Scenes!

The grade ones have weather as their inquiry unit this term so they did a scene of a stormy city. Here is a few really good ones: