Sail Away, sail away!

Grade 2 students have been learning about Water and have made these amazing collages using different techniques. They used sponges and mixed different paints, white, blues and greens to make the colours of the ocean.  Once dry, the students tore the painted paper to create waves for their boats. Just love the patterned paper boats sailing away! 

Winter is here!

Preps have made the cutest aerial snowmen for Winter! The background is using pastel resist with white pastel and blue water colours. The students were able to trace and cut circles to create their snowman and paste foam on the back of each circle to give a 3D effect. They loved using the chalk pastels and a sprinkling of glitter to finish! Have a look at them in our school corridor next time you are in!

Melbourne City Scapes by Grade 6

I am just in love with these Melbourne City Scapes recently completed by our Grade 6 students! They were heading into Melbourne for their city camp so what a great idea to create a silhouette of our wonderful city. The students created their silhouette with black paper and carefully cut around tall buildings, windows and bridges. They then added gorgeous gold and silver papers/pens for detail to their buildings. The background was created with foil using waterbased textas, sprayed with water, then transferred onto white paper. The results are just stunning as you can see! 

Dragons by Grade 5

Grade 5 students have been busy with clay this term, creating fantastic Dragons. This in preparation for Marc McBride, illustrator of Deltora Quest visiting our school for Book Week. Students created their dragon with pinch pots, then added wings, neck, legs, with the “scratch and attach” technique. Some dragons have great texture used with objects around the classroom. Looking forward to seeing these once they are out of the kiln and get painted! 

Ned Kelly Textured Dolls

Grade 5 students really enjoyed making their Ned Kelly doll. Starting with crayons rubbed over concrete to make a textured body, they then cut fabric to make the clothing. The background was sketching of gum trees into printing foam. The students chose the colours green, brown and black to print with. Messy but fun and as you can see very effective. 

On the Move!

Grade 2 students have been looking at all things Transport and On the Move. They completed some gorgeous hot air balloons, which involved lots of paper weaving and smaller vehicles such as cars, buses and planes with icypole sticks. Love the display of them, hovering over James Rizzi inspired houses. Such a burst of colour in our school corridor.