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Occupation: Primary Teacher Leading Teacher for ICT, Masters of Information Technology in Education Interests: ICT in Education, and global collaboration.

Robot art

The children in Grade 4 enjoyed using various collage materials such as, foam, silver paper and patterned paper to make their robot art.  These robots are capable of fantastic feats!


Mosaic – Active Children Playing Sport

Mosaics Term 3 2012

Our year 3,4 and 5 students are having lots of fun creating another colourful mosaic mural on the wall of our gymnasium during their Visual Arts lessons this term. Helen Harman, our talented Artist in Residence, is once again guiding our students with her expert knowledge on their journey of this kinaesthetic, visually pleasing experience.

Our theme for this year has been “Active Children Playing Sport” which has tied in quite nicely with the current Olympic Games in London.  The children initially made templates by tracing around bodies in poses representing a sporting activity.  These stencils were then transferred onto the wall of the gym ready for the application of the tiles.

Children playing cricket, throwing basketballs, doing handstands and cartwheels are included in the design.  Mirror tiles were used for the outlining of the athletic figures and a range of coloured tiles were used for the background.

All children were involved in the breaking and hammering of the tiles, the gluing of the pieces onto the wall and the messy grouting process.  They have worked cooperatively and seemed to develop a sense of ownership and fulfilment for their group work on this project.


Julie McLeod

Visual Arts Teacher

August 2012

Fire Trucks by the Preps

The Preps had alot of fun painting and decorating an egg carton to resemble a Fire Truck when they studied their unit on ‘People in Our Community Who Help Us’.


Year Two Transport Topic-Using printing techniques and collage to develop their various modes of transport was an exciting experience for the younger students.


Pastel drawings created with an Asian feel

BEES by the preps

Australian Bushrangers

Following on from their studies of Australian History, the children in Grades 5 & 6 sketched bushrangers.  They used pastel to complement their drawings and then covered their illustration with a paint wash.  The backing was made using an oil pastel rubbing.

Bush Fires

To remember the bravery of the wonderful people who were so courageous during the Black Saturday fires, the Grades 3&4 children created art work to depict the devastation of the fires.

Tall Ships

The Tall Ships were created to signify the First Fleet arriving in Australia in 1788 to link with the Level 4 unit of study in Australian History.