Prep Winter Tree Paintings

Learning how to paint a tree using a large brush for the Preps was lots of fun! Adding snow provided a great stimulus for a Winter discussion.

Aussie Colouring Competition

aussie colouring competitionWe are proud to present our winning students in the Aussie Berwick Colouring Competition.  First Prize of $50 went to Brittany in grade 5 (far right).  Second Prize winner, Zoe from grade 6, received a Show Bag full of goodies. Third Prize winner, James in grade 5 (absent), also won a Show Bag of goodies.  Congratulations to these talented students and all students who entered the competition.  Well done girls and boys!

5/6 Abstract Portraits

The grade 5 and 6 students during term one have used symmetry to create a realistic self-portrait and they have added abstract designs and images to represent personal interests and hobbies to complete a watercolour piece.

Prep Dinosaurs

The Prep children were very excited about using fingerpainting techniques to make a happy dinosaur.