2014 art captains/pick of the week

This year, Leyla and Steph, our Art Captains for 2014, started a new program called, ‘Art Captains Pick of the Week’. Children at the school, could enter  artwork from home or school to win a certificate and have their artwork displayed in the hallway in front of the art room door.

Paper bag faces

These Paper bags were made by grade fours. Here are some nice ones:



Our students from Prep to Year Six are very proud of the imaginative mosaic designs they have created on the walls around our school. Working together on the designing and construction of the mosaics has provided the students with a multitude of skills and experiences to enhance their learning. Working alongside their peers and buddies has provided the students with a positive Art experience.

Australian Bushrangers

Following on from their studies of Australian History, the children in Grades 5 & 6 sketched bushrangers.  They used pastel to complement their drawings and then covered their illustration with a paint wash.  The backing was made using an oil pastel rubbing.

Tall Ships

The Tall Ships were created to signify the First Fleet arriving in Australia in 1788 to link with the Level 4 unit of study in Australian History.

Dragons by Grade 5 / 6 Students

art work 024art work 023

The grade 5 /6 students have been involved in their Production Kids in Camelot.  To coincide with the Medieval Theme, the students have been studying dragons in Visual Arts. They have sketched and painted with water colours, dragons that represent mythical creatures. They have snake like bodies, bat like wings, a spiked spine, claws, horns, barbed tails, fangs, forked tongues and fire breathing mouths.

art work 021art work 025

art work 023art work 024