Art Show!

Our Annual Art Show will be held on Friday the 15th December- along with our Twilight Picnic and the opening of our Sensory Garden.
The theme is “What do I see in the garden?”
Artwork can be any media: drawing, painting, collage, photography, construction, sculpture, clay, modelling, etc.
All entries, with name and grade, must be submitted to the art room by Monday 11th December. Certificates and ribbons will be given for encouragement.

Grade 3 Uluru Landscapes

In Term 3, Grade 3 students used chalk pastels to create a landscape of Uluru. This lesson focused on perspective and blending. Students, firstly sketched with pencil, the foreground and background, followed by blending chalk pastels in a variety of colours. Blue dye finished the sky off to complement the reds/browns and yellows in the picture. They are currently on display in the main corridor.

Casey Council Mental Health Week Launch – Art Competition

Congratulations to Stephanie, in Year 6, for winning fifth prize in the Casey Council’s Art Competition, for the launch of Mental Health Week 2017 at the Lynbrook Community Centre! Your stunning picture of ‘What Brings Joy to Your Life’, reflected a visual image that related perfectly to feelings of happiness for many people, including those attending the presentation. It was certainly a very proud moment for your mum and grandparents seeing you receive your well deserved award.

Tony Sowersby Drawing and Cartoon Workshop

During the final week of term two, the children from Year 1-6, were delighted to be involved in fun and entertaining workshops presented by local, famous artist, Tony Sowersby. The children particularly enjoyed drawing popular cartoon characters and creating artworks based on letters of the alphabet, and by adding detail to basic sketches of everyday objects.

Tony showing the children some drawing ideas

Creating characters from a pear shape.


Emily loved using her imagination!

Diesel was proud of his drawings, especially his vampire!

Learning About Colour

The junior school children were fascinated to learn about colours at the beginning of the year!

We welcomed the Preps to colour in art by making a rainbow collage.


Year 1&2 used warm and cool colours for their Kandinsky Circles inspired art.


The Preps explored Primary and Secondary Colours to paint little birds.


Year 1 & Year 2 children used warm and cool colours to paint Happy Summer Crabs.

The Preps learnt about Fire Safety and how to create a painted and collage artwork.



Berwick Show 2017

Berwick Lodge PS participated, once again, in the local School’s Art Display at the Berwick Show on Saturday, February 25th & Sunday, February 26th. Our school gratefully received a satin sash ‘Encouragement Award’ from the judges, plus a Merit certificate for the artwork that was on display. Congratulations to everyone for designing, making and creating the terrific artwork!

ANZAC Day Artwork

For ANZAC Day, the students at Berwick Lodge Primary School made artwork to commemorate those that went to war for us.  We learnt that it is the 100th year since the landing at Gallipoli and we have been working on our artwork for a few weeks. The artwork has been displayed around the school and it looks terrific!

Here is the artwork that all of the different year levels made:


The Preps made Poppy artwork using glitter, patty pans and scrap paper.  They glued their Poppies onto green paper which makes it look like a field of Poppies.  The Preps’ Poppy artwork looks very eye-catching in the school’s main corridor and they thoroughly enjoyed making them!




The Grade 3s and 4s made donkeys that represent Simpson and his Donkey.  They used Magic Clay to mould the shape on the Donkeys’ body and feet, and toothpicks for the legs.  Then they painted their donkeys with brown paint and stuck string on the back for a  tail.  The donkeys look fantastic in the art room and the grade 3s and 4s had lots of fun making their models.





The Grade 5s made Submarine artwork with black paper, blue and green paint,  polystyrene balls and string.  They cut the shape of a submarine out of black paper and stuck it onto a painted background.  Then they used the polystyrene balls and painted them bronze or silver to make mines.  They attached string to the mines too and placed their artwork on a larger coloured piece of paper .





The Grade 6s made Victorian Cross medals.  First they drafted their designs in their journals.  When they were happy with their design, they were given a piece of strong foil to embed their designs in.  Next, they cut out the designs and created ribbons for the medals.  The Grade 6s made some great medals and they had fun making them!




The Art Captains and the Vice Art Captains made collages of Poppies to display at our school’s ANZAC Commemoration.  All of the Poppies that were on the collage were made by the students, and the collage looked amazing at the Commemoration.



Overall, the students at Berwick Lodge Primary School made brilliant artwork for ANZAC Day!


By Sarah