Sailboat Monoprints

Grade 4 students used both water colour paints and acyrlic paint to give the effect of a reflection of their gorgeous sailboats for Summer in Term 1.  A simple fold of the paper and the results were stunning as you can see!


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2014 art captains/pick of the week

This year, Leyla and Steph, our Art Captains for 2014, started a new program called, ‘Art Captains Pick of the Week’. Children at the school, could enter  artwork from home or school to win a certificate and have their artwork displayed in the hallway in front of the art room door.

Self Portraits!

These portraits were made by the grade fours. They did two types of portraits. The first type of portrait is were you get a photo of half of your face and draw the other half of your face.
The other type of portrait is were you draw a self portrait of yourself and have sections of your face in different colours.

Dry Pastel Eastern Barred Bandicoot!

The Grade fours created this artwork. They used Dry pastels for the Bandicoot and background, material to sew together to make the Bandicoot and straw for the ground.  Here are some great examples:



God eyes!

These god eyes were made by Grade fours. They used two sticks and wrapped wool in between the sticks.

Pom-pom spiders!

These cute little spiders were made by grade fours. They made pom-pom’s then hot glued googley eyes and then poked piping cleaners in the middle for the spiders legs.

Robot art

The children in Grade 4 enjoyed using various collage materials such as, foam, silver paper and patterned paper to make their robot art.  These robots are capable of fantastic feats!