John Koenders Realist Artist School Visit – Grade 6 2012



On June 5th 2012 during term two, the Grade 6 students were priviledged to experience an art lesson from one of Australia’s leading realist artists, John Koenders.  John is a skilled and talented artist who works in his Gippsland studio to create paintings that have been sold worldwide.  It was only four years ago that John discovered he is related to Vincent van Gogh.

The students participated in a lesson studying the vanishing point, colour mixing, brush stroke techniques and how to create tonal qualities in their art works.  The children were extremely interested in learning how to use successful artisic methods for their own pictures.

A huge thank you to John and his family for volunteering their time to enhance and broaden the education of our students.  We are certain that your visit will enrich the future art work of the students at Berwick Lodge.

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