Chinese New Year 2019

Grade 4 started the year with directed drawing and celebrating Chinese New year with dragons! Gorgeous colours, and a fantastic background, including fireworks with oil pastels and a blue water colour over the top for effect. The red of the dragon really pops out! Students carefully followed the directions of the dragon with the help of Mrs Muccignat and the results are stunning as you can see! 

Dragons by Grade 5

Grade 5 students have been busy with clay this term, creating fantastic Dragons. This in preparation for Marc McBride, illustrator of Deltora Quest visiting our school for Book Week. Students created their dragon with pinch pots, then added wings, neck, legs, with the “scratch and attach” technique. Some dragons have great texture used with objects around the classroom. Looking forward to seeing these once they are out of the kiln and get painted! 

Berwick Lodge Chinese New Year Celebrations

On Wednesday the 25th of February 2015, Berwick Lodge Primary School celebrated Chinese New Year.   We celebrated by singing, dancing and spending time with our buddies.  Here is some of the amazing Chinese New Year artwork that we made for our celebrations:




These are some dragon paper plate puppets that the Grade Sixes made for our Chinese New Year parade.



They used parts of egg cartons to make teeth or eyes.  They used PVA glue or Super Tack to stick on the different decorations.  Some of the Grade Six students also used sparkly Pipe Cleaners to decorate their dragons.  The students also used some scrap paper and patterned paper to decorate their artwork, and this made them look terrific!  Some students even used red, orange or yellow cellophane to make fire coming out of their dragon’s mouth!



The students used colourful streamers on the back of their puppets to cover their arms while they used their puppets, as this looked like the dragon’s body.

All of the students were very creative and used many different decorations to make their dragons look colourful and eye catching.  All of the Grade Six students had fun while making these wonderful dragon puppets!





The Grade Fives made these colourful egg carton dragons for the parade.  They used sequins and google eyes to decorate their artwork.  Some students also used cellophane to make fire coming from the dragon’s mouth, just like the grade sixes did with their artwork!


The Grade Fives painted their dragons with warm colours such as red, orange and yellow.  Red is China’s lucky colour so many students used the colour red.  Some students also painted patterns on their dragons to decorate them.


In addition, the Grade Five students used a piece of ribbon to join all of the egg cups together.  This made their dragons look great!  All of the Grade Five students were creative when they made their dragons, and they were very artistic!


The Grade Prep students used their great printing skills to make goats for Chinese New Year.  They used corks to print white paint onto their goats and used colourful tissue paper and cupcake pans to decorate.



The Preps had a lot of fun making their goats and they look very nice in our school’s corridor.


Overall, Berwick Lodge Primary School made some fantastic artwork for their Chinese New Year celebrations, and everyone had lots of fun!


By Sarah

Dragons by Grade 5 / 6 Students

art work 024art work 023

The grade 5 /6 students have been involved in their Production Kids in Camelot.  To coincide with the Medieval Theme, the students have been studying dragons in Visual Arts. They have sketched and painted with water colours, dragons that represent mythical creatures. They have snake like bodies, bat like wings, a spiked spine, claws, horns, barbed tails, fangs, forked tongues and fire breathing mouths.

art work 021art work 025

art work 023art work 024